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9th Grade Team


Class of 2027

Interdisciplinary Project:


Throughout the school year, the freshman class works as a cohort to complete an interdisciplinary project which begins with the student experience as an individual and expands to explore the self in society. Students will synthesize knowledge and skills from Social Science, Language Arts, Mathematics, Physical Education, Science, and Visual Arts to pursue a well-rounded investigation informed by personal experience and knowledge of self.


The purpose of the year-long interdisciplinary project is for the student to transition into high school, develop a lexicon to discuss identity, express their experience of the world as an individual, and relate to community issues within the social framework. 


  • Who am I and who do I want to become?
  • How do I describe myself and how do others describe me?
  • What matters to me and what can I do about it?
  • How do I contribute to my community and participate in society?


The project is supported by coursework in all academic disciplines as well as guided by the Advisory curriculum. Standards-based learning targets align with Advisory learning targets to define expectations and student learning outcomes for the interdisciplinary project.


Fall Semester

  • Journal about school, reading, viewing, and life experiences
  • Read selected coming of age narratives with social justice lens
  • View films with coming of age theme and self in society context
  • Contribute to Literary Circle discussions based in Socratic dialog
  • Interview parents and/or community members
  • Present Upstander Character Analysis with personal synthesis
  • Chart identity in terms of Visible Branches & Invisible Roots
  • Create All About Me Infographic.

Spring Semester

  • Explore neighborhood and community to identify social issues
  • Investigate community demographics and collect data
  • Research selected social issue impacting self and community
  • Review community data and social issue with parents/family
  • Chart community data to demonstrate comparisons over time
  • Collect relevant images to visualize community issue
  • Select valid sources to support research with authority
  • Write informational article to report research facts & opinion
  • Publish research project on individual website page
  • Review project at home with parents/family
  • Present project to public audience, oral with digital display.


The SJLAM Advisory group is the smallest unit of interaction for students and teachers designed to facilitate community building, foster a sense of belonging, nurture student well-being, and navigate the high school educational journey. 

During Advisory students will practice metacognitive strategies, set goals, write in journal, read books/articles, view films, map graduation requirements, interact with peers, and contribute to the conversation.


Facing History and Ourselves (FHAO)

  • Centering Student Voice: A Book Club Guide
  • Coming-of-Age English Language Arts Collection
  • Community Matters: A FHAO Approach to Advisory
  • From Reflection to Action: A Choosing to Participate Toolkit.

Linked Learning

  • Lesson 1: What is Mindfulness?
  • Lesson 2: Circles of Wellness
  • Lesson 3: Meditation Journaling.


  • District assigned tasks for freshman.

Los Angeles  Education Partnership (LAEP)

  • 3 workshops each semester delivered to the cohort.

Inner Explorer

  • Inner Explorer is an online mindfulness platform designed to support mental health and well-being through Mindfulness-Based Social Emotional Learning.